My Crochet Business

My name is Carmela and I have been an avid crafter for over 35 years, with my entrepreneurial journey starting as a wedding seamstress.  Whilst creating finely hand crafted, intricate wedding accessories, in my spare time I loved to knit and sew for myself and my family.  

Then in 2011, I discovered crochet whilst creating tiny little flowers with a 0.75mm crochet hook!  Well to coin a phrase, I was totally hooked!!  It took some time but I finally closed my business as a wedding couturier to pursue my passion for sharing and teaching crochet in a form that was easy for people to access and deliverable on a monthly basis.

Crate Crochet was born of that desire in 2016 and I have never looked back since!  We are still growing as a family business and there are many exciting things to come!  I would love to welcome you on this journey, to join our growing online community of beautiful crocheters and see where your crochet can take you!

Thank you and happy crocheting!  Carmela xx