My Crochet Inspired Business


My name is Carmela I am an avid crocheter, seamstress and occasional knitter, crochet instructor certified by the Craft Yarn Council and founder of Crate Crochet, which is an Australian based monthly Crochet Subscription Box. We ship monthly and also sell some of our fabulous featured products and designs in our separate online store too.  

I would love to welcome you to our growing online community of beautiful crocheters.

By 2016, I was a long established wedding accessories couturier and business owner.  Yet my passion for crochet began to take over and I decided it was time for Australia to have their own crochet subscription box service, supporting the Australian yarn industry.  

Having no idea how many people would crate a monthly box of yarny goodness, the first 18 months was an amazing whirlwind of learning, adapting and establishing Crate Crochet in the market place.

Join today and join our growing community!

My vision for Crate Crochet, is to grow a vibrant community of crochet crafters who love this beautiful, compelling and fablulously therapeutic craft as much as I do.  Whether you are a complete beginner, dabbled for a while or are an experienced crocheter, our boxes are sure to please bringing you the perfect crochet gift to yourself.

Thank you and Happy Crocheting!  Carmela x

What Kind Of Crocheter Are You?

Love to Crochet and get all the tools and extras to compliment the project and receive new crochet hooks and notions!


Love to Crochet and own enough hooks and notions already, just would like the yarn and pattern.


Newbie or tried to crochet without success, would love guided lessons to learn all the fundamentals of crochet.